Failed Attempt

[ 04. 09. 16 ]

My mom woke up early (I guess?) for the team building she was to attend today. She’s to arrive tomorrow afternoon (around 4, she said), and since she left her laptop at home, I decided to have a Disney movie marathon.

I didn’t do that in the morning, though. I didn’t want to read The Evolution of Mara Dyer today, in fear that I may get scared again, so I thought of playing a Philippine game with my cousin. We enjoyed playing, and I was the winner (go Ace). But, soon after, we both got bored so we stopped. I didn’t know what to do then, so I went to the fridge and grabbed the ice cream. Looking back now, I remembered I practically just ate spaghetti and ice cream the whole day 😂

Anyway, thinking about the present ice cream, I thought of doing the movie marathon now, and I did. I made a list of Disney movies to watch, and the first in line is the ever-so-famous Toy Story 3, which definitely made me cry a lot. After watching it, I ate first before moving on to the next movie. Unfortunately, my mind got off of the whole movie marathon thing I was supposed to do, that it became another one of my fail attempts at having a movie marathon. How nice. I guess I’ll just have to try again tomorrow, perhaps.

But, it wasn’t a dull day actually. I spent the rest of the time chatting with my best friend and eating, so stopping the movie marathon was kind of worth it 😂 I’m prepped up to go to sleep now, so I guess that’s all for today. It was another one of those usual summer days, but it was definitely a lot of fun!


Recognition, Cards Out, Orientation

[ 04. 08. 16 ]

I woke up around 5:40 in the morning today. That’s already an achievement, if you ask me. And, I even woke up on my own (which was a surprise). Apparently, my mom was still taking a bath when I woke up so I settled myself in the pages of my book first.

The events were becoming so mysterious and intense, that I can’t wait to visit the bookstore later to look for and buy the second book. Mara Dyer has got me hooked from the very first chapter and I couldn’t imagine what could happen to me if I won’t be able to read the second book later on today.

Eventually, my mom was finally done and it was my turn. I bathed myself quickly, thinking over and over that it’d be hard to find a parking space if we were late.

We’re supposed to arrive at school before 8:30 am, and we arrived around 7:49 am. We stayed inside the car first, knowing there’d be no one in the venue yet (and, besides, I had reading to do). Much to my dismay, I didn’t finish the book when the clock went 15 minutes to 8:30. We already rushed inside the venue, knowing, in no time, the lobby would be crowded.

The program started at exactly 9 am. We had a quick morning service first, then proceeded to the actual recognition rites. Before I knew it, we were already asked to line up. I was with my classmates, and we were all nervous though we didn’t know why. Well, I actually know why I was nervous. I know they’re going to mispronounce my first name. They’re going to pronounce it as “Adele”, instead of “Eydyell” (yup, that is the actual pronunciation of my name). I always had this problem, and I get nervous whenever I know it’d happen. But before walking up the stage, I already composed myself, saying that it’ll just be quick. And it was.

My mom was very proud of me, but suggested that I should study more so I could at least reach second honors. I wanted to tell her that’s actually my main goal for next school year, but didn’t bother doing so. After the recognition and completion rites, we proceeded to the high school building to claim my year end report card. To my surprise, I got a 99 on one subject! When I looked at what subject it was, it turned out to be TLE — Technology and Livelihood Education — and everything went understandable, especially since our class was taking Computer during the 3rd and 4th quarter. My dad took Computer Management (I think?) as his course in college, so it was explainable to my mom and I why my grade was that high. And, besides, our Computer teacher was an angel. Asides from my TLE grade, my grades in other subjects were fine. They were normal, just like my past grades back in 6th grade.

After getting my card, we waited for another hour and 30 minutes because we had to attend this orientation for advanced learners in math and science. We waited inside the car. My mom bought food for us in the school canteen, while I remained in car, reading my book. It was in the last minute that I finally finished it and was left with a surprising cliffhanger that made me want to rush to the nearest bookstore to look for a copy of the second book. Unfortunately though, that I could not do.

The orientation took about 34 minutes of what I expected would be an hour. It started at exactly 2 in the afternoon, and is the quickest orientation I’ve ever attended. The assistant principal explained that there will be one section per batch that would be known as the ALMS (Advanced Learners in Math and Science) section, and it’d contain at least 40 students. Seeing the faces of my batchmates who were there, trust me when I tell you I did not want to sign the given contract. Yup, there was a contract given. We were given until the 16th of May to return it to the high school office, so we could think about whether joining or not. I must admit, it is an opportunity to be part of this whole thing. I wanted to sign the contract, but I knew I would become very antisocial once the new school year rolls in, and I could never let that happen. I don’t want to sign the contract, but my mom’s pushing me to do so. I don’t want to, but at the same time, I don’t want to let the opportunity pass. Maybe if I were given more time, I’d think about it better. But for now, all I had in mind is the second book of the Mara Dyer trilogy, The Evolution of Mara Dyer.

We went to the mall and checked at the first bookstore we saw, Powerbooks. It wasn’t there. All they had was the boxed set (which I couldn’t buy because I already have the first book) and the trilogy’s third book, The Retribution of Mara Dyer. We didn’t bother to check at National Bookstore because we knew it wouldn’t be there. If it wasn’t at Powerbooks, what more at the second option? Then, we looked for the third, and last, option we had: Fully Booked. It’s a bookstore in the Philippines that practically has every single book I’ve always been looking for. And after carefully searching the stack of books, I finally found what I came for.

Currently, I’m still in the 200+ pages of the book, but I hope to finish it by tomorrow. Unfortunately, my mom won’t be around starting tomorrow until Sunday evening because she’ll be attending a team building with her officemates, which means it’ll be quite a long time before I get my hands on the third book.



[ 04. 07. 16 ]

We’ve been getting slow internet connection lately, so I didn’t quite enjoy this day (also explains for the late post). But, I did install the games Transmission and aa the other day, that’s why I was good to go. Probably.

Soon later, I got bored of those games (because the levels got harder) so I went to inspect my bookshelf.

It’s been quite a long time since I last read a book. Well, a novel actually. I’ve been fond of reading poetic books lately to help me get my mind off of the ending of Clockwork Angel (half liked it, half not). I couldn’t bring myself to read novels again. The last time I tried, my head throbbed so bad, I ended up sleeping instead. I decided to pick any book that would catch my eye, and I ended up choosing the first book of the Mara Dyer trilogy, The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer. The synopsis placed at the back cover intrigued me, so I started reading it right away.

And, to my surprise, I got hooked! I was so engrossed in the book, I didn’t know what else to do. Unfortunately, we did go to the mall that day, but I didn’t leave my book behind. Apparently, it became a challenge for me to read because I can’t manage to find a proper seat, and I just couldn’t barge into the bookstore because they might think I stole the book 😂

We finally got home after, and I got to read my book in peace. I remembered reaching 300+ pages, before finally settling in to sleep after doing my nightly ritual. I have to wake up quite early because tomorrow would be the recognition rites, the day I’ll be awarded. I just hope everything goes fine.


First and Last

[ 04. 06. 16 ]

Today’s the first, and last, practice we have for the recognition and completion rites on Friday, April 8.

I met with my classmates who’re awardees too, and I’m happy that majority of them are my friends. The downside of this, on the other hand, is that they were scolded a bunch of many times due to their noisiness. I didn’t talk much to them throughout the practice because I was aware some trachers were seated just a few seats away from us and I didn’t want to be scolded on such a glorious day.

The practice occurred for about 3 hours and 30 minutes, I suppose. It wasn’t tiring at all, if you ask me. It was faster than the practices we had last school year for our 6th grade graduation.

Nothing much happened today, except for the practice. I hope that tomorrow would actually be a better day. I think we’ll go to the mall tomorrow and I do hope that we do because I want to buy a book!


Summer Happiness

[ 04. 05. 16 ]

Today was usual again ….. until I remembered that this was the day our school would post the final list of awardees for this school year on the school website.

I knew I wouldn’t be part of those who’ll get an award for having a clean record, much more for a club award, but I did hope that I was part of the academic awardees in my class. For the last three quarters, I had always been the top 1 of my class. I never had a merit, but instead I got the green card, which is given to those with third honors.

It was a long wait. The first ones posted were the awardees for a clean discipline record, for officers (both class and club) and just plain club awards. One of my classmates called the school and notified us the list for the academic awardees would be posted around 6 pm. But, this one classmate of mine kept on refreshing the page that the top 10 awardees for the 4th quarter and a final report of all top 10 awardees per batch were posted.When I heard about that, I quickly went to the website thinking the year end report for the 7th graders were already posted as well. And, guess what? It was!

The year end report shows all awardees (both honor and merit) for each section of each batch. I immediately checked out the list for my section, and there was my name on number 1! I was part of the third honors again, and I was happy to be consistent with my award.

Tomorrow will be the practice for the recognition rites which will be held on the 8th of April from 9:00 to 11:30 am. On the same day, April 8, would be the distribution of cards. But, I’m not nervous anymore! I used to be nervous whenever I receive my report card, but now that I know I’m the top 1 of my class (the awardees for each class are usually mentioned after cards out when school was still on going so), I’m complacent that I got good grades 🙂

For next school year, I plan to make my grades better and make them higher. I just hope I actually get to do so!


Usual Day

[ 04. 04. 16. ]

Was supposed to post this yesterday, but I forgot 😂 but hey, here it is!

This day just went on to be any other summer day. Except for the fact that I rearranged the books in my bookshelf and removed the things inside my school bag (yep, haven’t cleaned my school bag yet).

Today was also the day I went back to Tumblr. I’m usually active at Tumblr, but I stopped using it for a while. Now, though, I came back, fixed my account and promised to update again. I’m not sure though if I really can, but I will try my best 🙂

I guess that’ll be all for today. I do hope that your day went way better than mine!


My Reading Story

My mom told me that ever since I was just a 3-year old child, I was already fascinated by books. I would always ask her to buy me storybooks which were mostly about princesses. I remember being excited whenever there was a book fair at our school and, also being excited whenever I enter bookstores.

You may think the reason I love reading is because of the storybooks my mom bought me when I was a child, but no. The reason for my love of reading isn’t even books. It’s comics. Specifically, Archie comics.

I remember I was around 5 or 6 years old when my mom introduced me to Archie and his friends. She told me my dad used to love those comics as well, which resulted to my dad giving me a few of his copies. I started collecting those comics, not even bothering to give novels a glance.

But then, there was a time when I couldn’t find any Archie comics. And that time was when I saw books about Geronimo Stilton. I bought one because I always had this rule that whenever I enter a bookstore, I have to buy at least one book. I thought that book about Geronimo Stilton would be boring, that it wouldn’t fascinate me as much as Archie and his friends did. But, it did. And I started borrowing copies of Geronimo Stilton books in our school library. I enjoyed them and even loved them. but they still couldn’t be a replacement for Archie comics.

Eventually, Archie comics appeared again in bookstores and made me grow my collection of them again. My older cousin, Ate Hazel, has novels she read when she was still my age back then, and she gave those to me. I remember reading Riding Freedom by Pam Muñoz Ryan when I was in 2nd grade and I enjoyed it so much that I read Bill Peet’s autobiography, Haunted Summer by Betty Ren Wright, Karen’s Little Sister by Ann M. Martin, The Littles Go Exploring by John Peterson, and a lot of Magic Treehouse books by Will and Mary Pope Osborne.

That’s when I started looking for novels in bookstores and even in our school library. I found out about Nancy Drew and grew to love her as well.

When I entered 3rd grade, our school required the students to read two books that for book reports. This went on until I was in the 6th grade. Some examples of the books I read during those years were Charlotte’s Web by E.B. White, Little Women by Louisa May Alcott and Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass which was just retold by Eva Mason. When I entered 3rd grade, there was also this thing we called DEAR Time wherein we were to drop everything and read. It was after our lunch break, and a time that I looked forward to doing.

My collection of books grew and I became more exposed to thicker novels and that’s when I bought the first two books of the Divergent Trilogy. I was about 9 back then, but I still enjoyed the book so much. I heard my busmates raving about it, so I thought why not try to read it? It was my first time at reading YA novels and I enjoyed it so much that I bought the first book of the Selection series when I saw it at the bookstore.

I will never regret anything that I did in the past to lead me to this bookworm person. I’ve enjoyed the journey I made, and I’ll continue that journey until I give out my last breath. Reading has made me open my eyes to new worlds and to new possibilities. It made me believe that not every story were to be given a happy ending, like most storybooks did. Reading has made me believe in the power of words.

And trust me, I am thankful for that.